The Higher Power is Revealed

By Pro Wrestling Elite
Posted On 21-12-2016 23:44 GMT

In July at the 5 year anniversary weekend, 5 students from the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum made their mark in Pro Wrestling Elite, when they attacked the owner of the company and left him laying following a hard fought match with their fellow student breakout C.S Rose. Stevie James, Krobar, Sam Barbour, Irving Garrett, were relentless in their beat down as Jamie Winters gave orders from ringside… Only when another group of Asylum stars made the save did the onslaught stop, but it was clear there was an agenda on the cards…

In September at the Noam Dar farewell show, the “Asylum Elite” as they now appeared to be known, once again made a statement during C.S Rose match. This time however they were seen off by their rival group of Austin Osiris, Kyle Chaos, Kez Evans and Molly Spartan and Ravie Davie… Before leaving though, Winters announced that their was a ‘higher power’ in this agenda and that it wasn’t the right time. Unfortunately it was not long before we found out what that meant…

On December 17th at our final event of the year, the mastermind behind this ‘invasion’ was revealed to be none other than Red Lightning… The man who almost ran ICW into the ground for an entire year, was the man behind the Asylum Elite…

What does this mean for Pro Wrestling Elite? How does this affect the relationship between Lighting and Lionheart who work together with the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum? One thing is for sure, this situation is coming to a head very soon… Stay tuned

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