Billy Gunn vs Wolfgang

By Martin Smith
Posted On 15-06-2016 01:35 GMT

There was a time where this contest would have been a jovial affair in PWE. Billy Gunn vs Wolfgang as part of a celebratory 2 day 5th Anniversary Weekender sounds like tonnes of fun. The Wolfgang we seen until recently would have revelled in the opportunity to face a legend like Billy Gunn, and would have gleefully battered the DX alumni with a smile on his face and a spring in his step, but that was before he became the big bad wolf. That was before his attitude matched his utterly terrifying physical frame and make no mistake about it; If Billy Gunn is coming over here expecting an easy weekend he has a rude awakening in store when he comes up against Wolfgang. 
There will be no standing back and admiring the career of his opponent, instead he'll charge in with stiff jabs and headbutts. There will be no pre match or post match hand shake, but there might be a pre or post match beating if Billy takes his eye off the wolf. There will be no hollow post match promo from Billy talking about how good Wolfgang is, because Wolfgang knows how good he is and doesn't need validation from anyone. If Billy even tries it the brass knuckles will be on and the bad ass will have a black and blue jaw. This would be the Wolfgang of old, loudly asking the fans if he should splash his opponent. Wolfgang no longer requires your permission to splash. Billy Gunn will no doubt catch a splash or two regardless. 
It is a crowning moment for Wolfgang in PWE, even if he approaches the match with less good will towards his opponent than he might have before the NAK civil war made its way to PWE and Wolfgang revealed a more sinister side. It will be a memorable occasion to see a legend in Scottish wrestling take on such a revered name in pro wrestling and strangely his chances of success might be helped by his old NAK brothers Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn, as they face Billy Gunn and X-Pac in a tag match during night one of the 5th Anniversary Weekender. The amount of damage they inflict on night one could have a direct impact on how difficult a night Wolfgang has when Billy Gunn faces him in night to but its hugely doubtful that there will be any thank you cards sent along to BT and Renfrew from the Big Bad Wolf's humble abode. His attentions will still be firmly fixed on his dangerous former comrade's as he looks to gain some revenge for the victory The NAK managed over Wolfgang and Stevie Boy and PWE's last show, "Are You Ready?" 
When the big occasion shows up, Wolfgang brings his absolute best every time. Unfortunately for Billy Gunn, his best on this occasion might be a touch more violent than it ever has been in PWE. Even if things start to go wrong for Wolfgang he's been known to utilise some underhand tactics in recent times and there's always the wildcard in Stevie Boy, who seems to have aligned himself with Wolfgang since the NAK split. That could see a certain Mr Pac called upon to keep a bit of order and make sure its a fair fight. No matter how it pans out, its unquestionably a highlight of the 5th Anniversary Weekender and a match not to be missed. 

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